Cuisinart DCC-2000 Coffee Maker

Cuisinart DC-2000

My Cuisinart DC-2000 Coffee maker stopped working this morning. It has a limited 3 year warranty if you can show a receipt but I don’t remember where I kept the receipt when I bought it 2 years ago so in desperation I wanted to get a new one right away but a different brand this time because this coffee maker was pricy and to only work in a short period of time it felt like I bought a lemon.

How I fixed my Cuisinart DCC-2000 Coffee Maker

I tried using other electric outlets but no luck but I did something that brought it to life. I switched it to Brew then pressed and hold the 3 buttons (labelled HR, 1-4, HR) for ten seconds and the light came back on. Now I can drink coffee again :)

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Curtis Home Theatre System DVD6091 Product Review

It’s Black Friday and I picked up this Curtis 5.1 Home Theatre System Model: DVD6091 for $48.95 along with a few other things. It came with 5 little speakers and 1 sub-woofer. The price is pretty good and there are only 2 boxes left so I grabbed one. I wanted a Bose system but I’m not ready to spend $1,200 on a home theater system yet.
After installation I noticed that only the 2 front speakers are working and the other 4 were silent although I can tell they’re active because of the slight hissing sound when I placed my ear close to them. So I did some trouble shooting by performing the “Test Tone” from the settings menu and all 5 speakers made a sound confirming that the speakers work. Continue reading »

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