Curtis Home Theatre System DVD6091 Product Review

It’s Black Friday and I picked up this Curtis 5.1 Home Theatre System Model: DVD6091 for $48.95 along with a few other things. It came with 5 little speakers and 1 sub-woofer. The price is pretty good and there are only 2 boxes left so I grabbed one. I wanted a Bose system but I’m not ready to spend $1,200 on a home theater system yet.
After installation I noticed that only the 2 front speakers are working and the other 4 were silent although I can tell they’re active because of the slight hissing sound when I placed my ear close to them. So I did some trouble shooting by performing the “Test Tone” from the settings menu and all 5 speakers made a sound confirming that the speakers work.

so I called Curtis Customer Service 800-968-9853 and after being put on hold for 5 minutes I was greeted by their tech support whom I assumed is from India due to his Indian accent. After telling him about the “Test Tone” he instructed me to replace (I guess that meant unplugging them.) all the wires for 30 minutes and unplug the system then carefully plug everything back making sure the wires are properly connected. If that doesn’t work, return the unit to the store and have it replaced.

After hanging up the phone I wasn’t satisfied with his advice since I used to do tech support for satellite receivers myself 10 years ago so I didn’t follow his suggestions of replacing all the 20 color coded wires behind my wall unit which is not easy to get to. What I did was examined the DVD I was trying to watch that I rented from Netflix. It is labeled Dolby Digital. It didn’t say 5.1 Dolby Surround. I took another cd from my collection and I found one that’s labeled 5.1 Dolby Surround. So I played that and Bingo! all 5 speakers worked.

I have no experience with Home Theater systems before and now I know that Curtis home theater systems only works on dvds with Dolby Digital Sound tracks up to 5.1 channels. I’m not sure about other brands but when I’m ready to spend $1,200 for that Bose home theater system, I know what questions to ask.

So if you bought a Curtis Home Theatre System Model DVD6091 and you can only hear the 2 front speakers working? Insert another DVD that’s labeled 5.1 Dolby Surround and choose that 5.1 Dolby option in the menu before calling their tech support from India.

This product’s quality is pretty decent for $48.95. The volume has a maximum limit which is ideal for apartments because you can’t really blast it loud enough. I mean it’s loud but not loud enough for my taste. The other downside for me is the dvd player that it came with. My BluRay player doesn’t have the inputs for its home theater speakers so I’m stuck with the Curtis dvd player if I want surround sound quality.

My overall review on this system is 6.5 out of 10

By the way I phoned Curtis tech support again informing them that I wanted to give them a feedback and let them know how I fixed my problem and that the tech support that answered me previously didn’t know anything about their product. So I politely explained to him why I was only hearing 2 speakers and gave him a short lesson on DVDs how some of them are not compatible with 5.1 surround sound systems and that he’s going to get the same support question soon since these units are flying off the shelf this Black Friday. Then he hanged up on me, or the line was dropped for some reason LoL. Not even a thank you. Oh well. This is why I’m not a big fan of “Off Brand” products. Their support sucks.


hey, so i bought the same setup on black friday. thinking for $50 , why not. i hooked everything but i cant only adjust the volume when the tv is on. not my blue ray or xobx. by the way i didnt even use the dvd player i just went from the sub to the back of the tv. but like i said i dont have volume control on the blue ray or xbox. any ideas to help me out? thanks agian

Hey Chris
I’m stuck with the Curtis system myself because my tv is installed on the wall mount and I can’t access the back because I need help lifting it up so I just used the Curtis. The volume is not that bad but not “crazy” loud.
My BluRay is completely useless for this because it doesn’t have the speaker outputs for LF, RF, center, SR, SL. I have a feeling that I need a surround sound receiver but I don’t have the budget for that yet.

I just use the Curtis volume. I set it to the highest setting of Curtis’s settings.
I always believe that “you get what you pay for” so for this price, I guess we have to deal with this.

By the way if you find a way to control the volume from your tv or BluRay or used the speakers without using the Curtis dvd player please share it with me.
What kind of tv do you have?

Just bought the curtis dvd6091 an open box item from HH Greg for $30.00, what a deal I thought when I realize there was not a remote with the system.

I like the system just need to get a little more volume called Curtis of course the remote is $15.00 + shipping, I hate to disconnect everything need a 3 digit code to try the universal remote, ant help out there.

What do you guys think about your Curtis Home Theatre System DVD6091? Would you buy this again?
I would still buy this if the price is still under $50 but Not for more than $50 because I’m not amazed with it.

I don’t get the volume thing, I have a philips surround system which can’t connect to tv to get surround sound because the tv only has digital audio out. I have never been able to control the volume of the surround system through the tv only ever by using the Philips remote or the vol buttons on the system. As for not being able to get surround aound from ble ray have you tried connecting your tv to the system to get surround sound from anything connected to the tv? This is what I will be doing when I get 1 of these so I get surround from sky, blu ray and freeview.

there’s 2.1 switch on the back of the sub-woofer if the DVD inst 5.1

i enjoyed my curtis surround sound system when hooked up to the dvd player but this product cannot come close to volume control when trying feed it through the tv as soon as i turn it on it gets really loud and since i still live at home ( with other people asleep) i am finding it hard to connect it. i have a dynex tv that i just bought and it doesnt have the best sound but it is better than no volume control. any help?

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